Why Our Hair

About Us

Glam by Lexx hair extensions are super high quality 100% unprocessed  Virgin,  Remy hair , cuticle aligned . Our extensions are of the highest grade with all the cuticles still intact and all facing the same direction. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of desired length. This process ensures that the hair remains extremely soft, naturally smooth, and tangle-free. 

To keep the integrity of the hair, we do not chemically process the hair. All hair is donated, sold, or exchanged freely and fairly. Donors benefit from selling hair as it is a supplementary source of income.

Beyond beautiful hair, our mission is to inspire woman of all ages to feel confident and empower them to look and feel GLAMourous!

Glam by Lexx is committed to satisfy every single customer.

Why Glam by Lexx Hair Extensions

1. Totally customizable to your wants and needs.

You tell us your colour, length and weight preference and we will make it happen. Sure they might take a litlle longer to arrive but we believe the best things in life are worth the wait!

2. Instant length

When it comes to your hair, instant gratification is a good thing. We don’t think you should have to live with a bad haircut or hair that just won’t grow fast enough. Glam by Lexx extensions will give you long hair without the wait.

3. Add Volume

Glam by Lexx Extensions will transform your hair from flat to voluminous for that sexy fullness you’ve been longing for. 

We offer Single Drawn and Double drawn hair. Double Drawn simply has more hair and Thick Ends. Single Drawn hair is about 35% less hair and has natural ends, like your own natural hair. Natural ends are the most common type of hair used in most extension brands. They are both made with the highest quality REMY hair.

4. Colour Yourself Happy

Craving a change but don’t want to dye your hair? Experiment with highlights that never grow out.

5.  We Treat You Like A Friend

Got a styling question? Need some hair advice? We’re always here to help. Slide into our DMs or drop us a line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, 7 days a week.


6. Luxury Without The Price Tag

Made from 100% Virgin Remy human hair cuticle aligned. Glam by Lexx Hair extensions are truly premium. Heat ‘em, style ‘em, wear ‘em as you please—your extensions are made to last. Luxury without the high price.

Get To Know Me

Hi beautiful ladies, my name is Lexy and I am the founder and creator of Glam by Lexx Hair Extensions. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry, specifically hair since I was little. Becoming a hair stylist was a natural fit for me but after listening to clients who were frustrated with the amount of money they were wasting on having to replace their extensions every few months because they would become dry, tangled and totally unusable, I knew I could do better.

I have created a line that is not only luxurious, and lasts longer but is also more affordable; hence Glam by Lexx Hair Extensions was created!

To be able to have my own company is so rewarding and I hope to inspire others to follow their passion as well. I have put a lot of time and work into making these products perfect and I hope you love them as much as I do. I would love some feedback so make sure to check back in with a comment in the review section and make sure to tag #glambylexxhairextensions on insta! Can't wait to grow as a team xo💋