Tops Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Tops Tips To Prevent Split Ends

What Are Split Ends?

Trichoptilosis, the official term for “split ends”, describes the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft.

What Causes Split Ends

Split ends are the stuff of nightmares for any girl trying to grow her hair or keep her hair healthy.  What causes split ends in hair are a number of different environmental and genetic factors which our hair is exposed to on a daily basis.

Environmental factors are the most common cause of breakage and split ends, as those who have genetically weaker hair will find that their split end issue is worsened by the way in which their hair is treated.

Reason For Split Ends

There are so many potential causes for split ends, however the most common and well known reasons hair splits is due to the excessive styling and pressure we put on our poor tresses.

Heated styling tools, frequent washing, excessive brushing, hair ties, hair twisting, styling products, chlorine exposure etc all contribute to hairs splitting and becoming weak.

Hair Splitting Treatment

If your hair is prone to split ends and your are looking for that all important split hair solution, we have good news for you.  Although you cannot repair hair that has already split, after a fresh cut you can prevent your hair from splitting, and reduce the rate of breakage.  This in turn will help your hair to grow stronger and longer.

Hair becomes weaker when it is dry, therefore keeping your hair full of moisture is the key to split end prevention.  Nature has an excellent way of keeping hair hydrated, and this is through the production of sebum, or “grease” as it is more commonly referred to.  Sebum is designed to travel down the entire hair shaft right to the tips, however as we tend to be not so keen on the greasy feeling, the majority of us over wash our hair, removing the grease so that our hair feel fresh and clean.  Unfortunately this is what leads to our hair feeling dry, particularly at the ends, and why the hair then begins to split and break.  By applying a natural oil to the tips of your hair, you will help to keep the hair nourished, restoring the texture and helping to prevent future breakage.

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