How To Wear Hair Extensions At The Gym

How To Wear Hair Extensions At The Gym

Ah the gym, something we either love or loathe, and when you have your hair extensions in it can be a pain to try and work out, not to mention keeping your extensions in their best shape.

So how should you wear hair extensions while working out at the gym?

If you naturally have long hair, you’ll understand the pain of not having hair tied back and out the way while you exercise. Not only is it a nuisance but it is also dangerous too, with loose strands easily getting caught up in exercise machines.

But have you also thought about your sweat affecting your hair? Truth is you probably don’t give it a second thought and jump in the shower and wash your hair after the gym which is great, but what about if you have extensions? Can you clean these as often? Do they need extra care when at the gym?

Workout and Gym Hairstyles

It is so important to keep your hair extensions up and out of the way when you’re exercising, for not only safety reasons and to help you concentrate on your workout, but to also protect your extensions.

You can opt for a traditional high ponytail or bun, or go fancy and have french braids, which are hugely popular for gym bunnies as they look stylish and keep all hair out the way.

Plait your hair and pop it into a bun for another fun twist to your hair, too.

The key is to keep the style simple and neat. So if you are going to opt for a bun, a simple ballerina style is preferable. Do not attempt to wear your hair in a messy bun, as this will make removing the hairband much more challenging once you have finished your work out and your hair is damp from sweat, potentially resulting in damage.

Try and keep your hair as high up or away from the nape of your neck and skin as much as possible, otherwise if left to dangle around your neck, your hair extensions will absorb the salt from your sweat, which is damaging to them.

Remember when tying your hair up you need to think about your hair extension fixings and make sure they are safe and secure. If you tie your hairstyle too tight, you’ll run the risk of damaging your hair extensions, and over time you can actually start to loosen the fixing, which can result in your hair extensions to slip and even come out.

Sweat Impacting Hair Extensions

No one likes having sweaty hair, but it is part and parcel of working out. However, salt from your sweat can impact your hair extensions and the fixings holding your extensions in place. If you allow sweat to interfere with your extensions then the salt will dry your extensions out and cause them to become brittle, lifeless and easily knotted.

Cleaning Hair Extensions

As you’ll know you should only clean your hair extensions two to three times a week, but if you’re going to be working out then you’re going to need to naturally wash your hair afterwards. This could have an affect on your extensions depending on how often you work out.

If you can arrange your workouts around the times you’d already be washing your hair then that would be great, and will help reduce the risk of over washing your hair extensions.

If you do have to wash your hair more than the recommended times, then give your extensions a helping hand with a hair mask. It will nourish and infuse your extensions with the very best, natural goodness they need, making them look healthy, nourished and beautiful, without the nasty ingredients found in many hair products.

Once your extensions are nice and clean, you’ll have to dry them. This is such an important step when cleaning hair extensions as it will stop any further water damaging them. It is always a good idea to let your hair extensions air dry slightly before blow drying them, to restrict the damage from the heat.

So the next time you’re at the gym, don’t let your luscious locks get in the way of your workout session, gently tie them up in any fancy hairstyle you like and jump on that treadmill!

Written by HairExtensionsBff

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