How Do I Dry My Hair Extensions?

How Do I Dry My Hair Extensions?

How to dry hair extensions, or specifically how to blow dry hair extensions, are common questions asked by those who have recently had a set of hair extensions fitted.  This is because hair extensions need to be treated far more gently to ensure they last and stay soft, and many want to make sure they know how to dry hair extensions correctly in order to look after them as best as possible.

Here at Glam by Lexx we are committed to providing the guidance you are looking for, so we have some simple tips and tricks to make drying for your hair extensions a breeze.

When it comes to hair extension care, preparation is key, and drying your hair extensions is no exception.  

Step 1: Firstly, you will need to brush your hair extensions before you begin the process of drying them.  Whilst it is well known that hair is at its weakest when wet, unfortunately brushing your hair after a shower cannot be avoided, as we need to keep those hair extensions as smooth and tangle free as possible.  Gently work your way through your hair extensions with a suitable hairbrush, being careful not to tug on the bonds. 

Step 2: Once your hair is smooth you must ensure you check your bonds or weft for any disruption.  Run your fingers in and around the bonds or weft track to be sure that they have not become tangled during the process of washing and brushing, and pull free any stray hairs that may have become tangled.  You are now ready to start drying your hair extensions.

Step 3: In order to get the most out of your hair extensions, you should ensure that your hair is fully dry before styling further. Applying direct heat from a hair straightener when the hair is still damp exposes the hair to excessive heat which can cause damage to the hair’s structure, so its a big no no.

It is also worth reiterating here that you must never sleep with your hair extensions damp or wet, so if you are blow drying your hair extensions before bed you must be sure that your hair extensions are fully dry before that head hits the pillow. 

Step 4: For best results when blow drying your hair extensions, use a pre shampoo treatment before washing to reduce tangling, restore quality and to condition your hair extensions between washes. Hair extensions need a little extra TLC to keep them in a silky smooth condition, so it is important to give them a little treat every so often.

Written by HairExtensionsBff

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