Hair Maintenance Instructions For All Types of Glam by Lexx Hair

Hair Maintenance Instructions For All Types of Glam by Lexx Hair


Hair extensions are a luxury and fashion accessory. There is no such thing as wearing quality hair extensions for six months to a year or more without any maintenance. Protect your investment with the guidelines about extension hair care noted in this care hair extensions list. 

 1. Do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after installed which gives enough time for the bond to settle. 

2. Always use a shampoo and conditioner recommended for hair extensions only, this is because normal high street brands contain silicone-based ingredients which will cause the bonds to weaken and break down.  

3. Prior to bed, pull your hair back into a soft ponytail to prevent tangling while sleeping.

 4. Brush your hair twice a day using proper hair extension brushes ( recommend a Wet Brush or large tooth comb). 

5. Brush gently working from ends toward scalp before and after washing.  

6. NEVER USE A VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO! Volumizing shampoos raise the cuticle of the hair and can cause tangling. 

7. Never apply conditioner directly to scalp or bonds. Too much conditioner or very oily hair can weaken the keratin bonds.  

8. If extensions become dry and damaged treat once to twice a week with any Intense Hydrator, Leave-in moisturizer/conditioner,  (Cuticle sealer / thermal protectant) (leave in for couple minutes before rinse).

9. Don’t forget to deep condition. Once a week you want to deep condition your hair extensions. Leave it on the hair for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. This extra TLC will give your hair an extra moisturizing boost. We recommend Maraes Colour Nourishing Mask for best results.

10. Swimming - Always wet hair with tap water, apply conditioner and braid hair before swimming to help avoid tangling. Avoid salt water, (the worst of extensions), and chlorine.  


12. Washing with HOT WATER is not recommended with extensions. You can also do a cool water rinse (to seal the cuticle and make your hair shiny 

13. Try to stay away from greasy products, they have too many chemicals in, which will strip the hair and make it very dry.  

14. Do not use products that contain sulfur or glycerin, silicone, etc.., such as dandruff shampoos.  

15. Use as little heat as possible on your hair extensions; air drying is best. If you must use flat irons and blow dryers, invest in the gentler ionic ones, and stay away from the extension bonds when applying heat. 

16. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo once every 2 to 3 weeks to clear build-up. (This also lets conditioner set in better.) 

17. Some clients experience itching to the scalp, this is perfectly normal! Remember that having hair extensions isn’t a natural process, your head has to adjust to having them.

18. Use a heat protectant. Nowadays, just about everyone uses heated appliances on their hair. Whether it’s a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron,  This simple step will prevent breakage from keeping your extensions look great and last much longer. 

19. Wash your extensions every 2 to 3 days or even longer with the use of dry shampoo. This will prevent them from getting dried out due to over shampooing and conditioning. 

20. Any heat using towards the hair, please set low.

Following these steps will protect your investment and keep your extensions looking beautiful!


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